From 2004 until the present day, iSystems have successfully completed numerous projects.

The non-exhaustive list on the right shows a selection of reference projects, covering many of our areas of expertise and with varying scopes of work and supply.


The main construction activities for our packaged systems are carried out in workshops in the EU.

The workshops have all facilties for fabrication of control panels, analyzer systems, mechanical/piping and steelwork fabrication and system assembly,, with specialized companies for professional blast cleaning, coating and hot-dip galvanizing nearby, And of course, the necessary experienced, trained and certified personnel to get the job done.

On selected projects, we join forces with local contractors.

For some projects where the requirements for "local content" or the logistics demand it, iSystems teams up with experienced contractors in the country of destination to handle part of the manufacturing and assembly. Such contractors are carefully selected to meet all the requirements of the iSystems Quality Management system.

Some References click for details


2004 BOTAS Natural Gas Distribution Stations

2004 Panaran MRS Analyzer and Station Control System

2005 EGO MRS Revamp & SCADA Systems

2006 Petkim Aliaga MRS

2007 Türkgözü Border Metering Station

2007 Qarn Alam & Mukhaizna Metering Stations

2007 Sohar Aluminium Smelter & Sohar GSS Expansion

2007 Barka Metering Station

2008 OCTAL Metering and Pressure Reducing station

2009 Wadi Jizzi Metering Station

2010 VALE Metering Station

2010 PDO-BP Gas/Condensate interface metering

2010 DCDP Sales Gas Metering station

2011 LDO Unloading metering system

2011 Daura Refinery gas metering stations

2012 AUAB IPP Gas Transport Facility

2013 OOCEP Gas and Condensate metering stations

2014 BOTAS EMT Oil metering station

2015 Bandirma-II Power Plant

2015 Zauliyah Gas & Condensate export metering

2015 OXY Block-62 HIPPS Skids

2015 Rabab Harweel Power Plant & HRSG Project

2016 OXY Crude Oil LACT skid

2017 TANAP Pipeline Metering Stations

2017 TRC GSS Metering Skid

At the end of the day, our job is to make it all Work.

iSystems have designed and supplied many engineered solutions over the past few years. These solutions are not out-of-the-box; the standard products available on the market will only meet the customer's demands in part. The remaining part needs our design, development and configuration to tailor the system to the exact requirements.