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Entry-level flexibility




Next-Gen MCC & APS MCC


More than 27 years of experience to your advantage

From the drawing board to the simulator, ALSIM has continually evolved over the years by interacting at all levels of FSTD implementation.

ALSIM is recognised as the leader in Ab Initio training simulators, capable of delivering a comprehensive and complete training programme. 

Their simulators with a convertible environment have the flexibility to be used in combination with any kind of aircraft.


The AL250 is the right device for your PPL, CPL & IR/ME training needs, providing an unrivaled immersive experience in a small-footprint simulator.

With up to 3 flight models and a seamless 250° x 49° FOV there's no better sim for your budget.


Do you want all your aircraft in one sim for complete training?

With the ALX you can add up to 10 different flight model configs to your training cycle, from Single Engine Piston with analog & glass over Multi-engine Piston, light turboprop and Light & Medium Jet.


This highly versatile airline pilot training device combines Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 philosophies in a single device.

The Airliner is a MCC & APS MCC Next-Gen simulator for Jet Transition and Crew Resource Management