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Specialization and (smart) Diversification don't have to be mutually exclusive.

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Knowledge and Systems to meet the highest demands

Whether energy is produced from fossil or renewable sources, customers rely on iSystems companies services and engineered systems to produce energy as efficiently and safely as possible.

With 20 years of serving the energy market in general, we have the knowledge and experience to meet the highest demands for performance, reliability and ease of service along with safety and environmental requirements.

Oil & Gas

Regardless of your company's specialization –Oil or natural gas, upstream, midstream or downstream – iSystems offers engineered systems and solutions using the latest technological advances that can be applied.

We understand the needs of the oil and gas flow metering market and have provided best-in-class solutions for many years.

Alternative energy

Renewable energy plays an important role in energy security and in seriously reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At isystems, we provide engineered solutions for solar power and green hydrogen.

To smoothen the energy transition, we also aim to provide lower-emission solutions based on the use of CNG and LNG.

Flight Simulators

In addition to our activities in Oil & Gas and alternative & renewable energy, iSystems have become a reseller of ALSIM flight simulators.

A different business entirely? Yes and no... like iSystems, ALSIM design customer-centric and highly innovative systems for a market that demands the highest standards.



Ensuring the long-term bankability of any energy-related project is a major challenge for project planners and investors.

Operational failure risks such as planning errors, installation defects, wear and damage resulting in reduced

performance have to be avoided to maintain cost-efficiency.

iSystems helps its customers to achieve this goal by thoroughly planning, researching and verifiying every detail of system design, construction and commissioning.

Thorough planning

Project planning plays an essential role in identifying the desired goals, reducing risks and avoiding missed deadlines.

Solution testing

All components and complete systems are tested to verify their proper functioning, performance and operational safety.

Analysis and Design

We perform site evaluations, conceptual and detailed design of your system, and select the most suitable components of good quality.

Detailed documentation

Each system is supplied with complete and detailed design, operation and maintenance documentation.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit